If you have kids, then you believably know that there are things they can’t do on their own. Getting them to floss requires that you use tactics that will entice them. When it comes to teeth brushing and flossing it’s tricky since many of you, just like me, can admit forgetting to do it severally. But flossing is an essential component of oral health, and it is important that you and the kids do it regularly. Even if you tend to forget, it is crucial that you instill good flossing habits in your children. If your children find it difficult to do it, here is how you can help them floss and they will enjoy.

Gift them for flossing

You may call this a bribe, but it isn’t. Just like when you reward your child for becoming the top in class, so it is with flossing. This is a reward for flossing that its intention is to encourage them and this is because kids find it hard to stick to regular flossing. An award can make your child understand that flossing is a good habit and very important. Rewarding your kids makes them consider flossing worthy of their precious time.

Create a flossing chart

Most people use alarms to wake them early in the morning. You should try and create a flossing chart and stick it to the kids’ bathroom. This can act as a reminder every time they visit the bathroom. Let them mark the days they floss with their favorite colors.

Start a flossing game

Kids love playing. Making a flossing game will make them enjoy flossing because they are aware it is not just flossing but they will also have fun. The game can be about you competing against your kids and the kids competing against each other. The game should also include a prize for the winner of the match.

Let them choose their flossing product

Do not give your children a reason to hate or avoid flossing by selecting the product for them. Instead, allow them to choose their flossing product in their favorite colors. Ensure you include them in your daily flossing plan by taking them along when going to purchase materials. This will make then look forward to flossing and even love it more.

Inform them of the importance of flossing

Not doing things right has consequences. Let the kids know what will happen to them or their teeth if they fail to floss regularly. Let them know how important flossing is to their mouth and general health. If you find it hard explaining to them, invite a dentist to explain clearly to them. You can as well get videos online that can give more details about flossing to your kids.

Bottom line

Although flossing can be a difficult thing to do every day, you can make it a fun activity for your children. Doing it together as a family can also motivate each member to participate because the kids love doing what their elders do.