Everyone appreciates straight teeth, an integral ingredient for the million-dollar smile. Everyone appreciates it so much they are willing to spend bucks just to have their teeth fixed and straightened up. With modern science, that is very much possible, with many technologies involved. However, with the myriad of treatments available, people usually stick with the traditional and most common braces.

Traditional braces sure do the job well, but in exchange, there are many inconveniences such as restrictions in the diet and a rather complex cleaning system. That’s why there is an alternative which attempts to do the job as well as the braces, but mitigating the cons of the treatment.

Invisalign is an alternative to braces which rejects the traditional metal lines in favor of safe, plastic aligners that are custom-made accordingly to the shape of the teeth. The aligners, changed in a regular basis (approximately 2 weeks), gradually shift your teeth in the exact way your dentist expects it to move. Perhaps the best selling point of this alternative is that the aligners are clear, i.e. virtually invisible, and removable, aiming to produce a treatment that is convenient for cleaning and taking away the cons of the traditional braces.

Invisalign is a great technology, and everyone of all ages can enjoy this. The Invisalign treatment for adults is the original treatment, providing a series of aligners changed biweekly. Also, cleaning the teeth is simplified by the aligners in the way that it is removable, so brushing and flossing will be just like how it has always been. In this way, too, the treatment mitigates the need of having to follow an mouths-off list in foods, which puts most brace wearers off. The treatment is highly recommended for adults who are conscious of having the too-prominent braces, and want a treatment that is discreet, yet convenient and effective. the treatment is a really attractive deal.

On the other hand, the Invisalign Teen treatment is virtually the same as the original treatment, with considerations to the growing stages that pubertal teens usually experience in this age period. For example, the aligners are given an allowance in the chance of having a baby tooth get pulled off and the growth of a new permanent tooth. There is also a blue dot on each aligner, which expectedly fades when the aligner has been worn sufficiently. The idea of the aligner being invisible, perhaps, is the most attractive feature that would hook teens, who are very critical when it comes to physical appearances.

Invisible aligners that are convenient and specially tailored for each customer, that is Invisalign’s greatest edge over the other orthodontic treatments. With a lot of clinics providing this service, one can ensure that there will be an Invisalign expert ready to serve you and help fix up your teeth so that your meager ten-dollar smile turns into the ever-wanted million-dollar, dazzling smile.